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Samatha Vidya Vyavasaya Abhivrudhi Sankshema Sangham

SVAS (Samatha Vidya Vyavasaya Abhivrudhi Sankshema Sangham a nonpolitical and non-profit motive voluntary organization registered under the society registration Act.XXI of 1860. The Organization is also registered under F.C.R.A. Act by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The organization supposed to get income tax Exemption Act.12A.

Name of the Organization SVAS (Samatha Vidya Vyavasaya Abhivrudhi Sankshema Sangham)
Legal Statues of the Organization Regd. Under the Societies Registration Act. 1860. No. 11/95. dated.
F.C.R.A. 010170106
12 A Hqrs.No. III/35/2000-2001.
80G H.qrs.No.III/126/Rjy/
Renewal 2003-04/152/pg.154
UNIC ID NO AP 2017-0164626
Chief Functionary G.Y.DASU, Executive Secretary.
Name of the FCRA Designate Bank Andhra Bank, Alamuru.-006
A/C No. CA 000611011000165
IFSC Code ANDB0000006
Phone: 08855 278448
AIXS Bank, Alamuru General Account 353010100023667
IFSC Code UTIB0000353
Phone: 08855 279433
Name of the Auditor and Address B.Ch. Suryanarayana, B.Sc. F.C.A
Chartered Accountant.
6-2-27, Nyapathivari Street,
Sree Bhavan, T.Nagar,

about Our VISION

The unique goal of SVAS is formation & strengthening of peoples organizations of the oppressed, downtroded, exploited and marginalized, so that they will be become in their fight for changing the unjust system and will be able to create a new society through common awareness, analysis and united action

To organize and undertake relief measures, rehabilitation and reconstruction programmes aimed at total development of people of areas affected by a natural calamities like floods, cyclones, droughts fire accidents etc.To collaborate with other organizations associations, societies in andIndia abroad interested in similar objects.To promote community health programmes, sanitation and maternity and child health programmes and to undertake integrated child development service programmes with the cooperation of national and international child development agencies and welfare activities for development of deprived children. To reduce the disability among children and adults and to undertake rehabilitation of disabled children and adults.

To organize conferences and seminars on social economic matters current interest for the benefit of rural and tribal people.

To promote self- help economic development projects including agricultural and irrigation promises for improving food production and to help small and marginal farmers, rural artisans and agricultural laborers by providing them integrated services and facilities for increasing employment, production and income.

To organize social action programmes to alleviate injustice and inequality among under privileged sections of society.

To promote social housing with a view to inculcate community understandings and social living among the rural and tribal post.

SVAS borrowing funds from Government and Non Government institutions in India and abroad.

To protect people’s Rights through people’s action (Legal & Peoples movement.

Exposure visits to SVAS from outside:

👉 PRI - Orissa Team
👉 Human Rights 4 states – Jarkhand, Orissa, Tamilnadu, A.P.
👉 National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) team, Hyderabad

Operational Growth:

Particulars 1997 2014
Working villages 5 villages, 1 Mandal 77 Villages in 10 Mandals
HR Dist. Protection - 59 Mandals of E.G.Dt.
Coastal area development and Rights forum (CDRF) 2006 55 villages in 5 Districts East, West and Krishna
Smart card programme 2009 193 villages in 15 Mandals Amalapuram Division, E.G.Dt.
HLFPPT - 15 Mandals
Meet Our Team


V. Samuel

Age: 50
Educational Qualifications: Intermediate
Experience: 26 Years
Designation: Co-ordinator(PRI)


Age: 33
Educational Qualifications: B.A.
Experience: 11 Years
Designation: Co-ordinator (Macts)

K.Rama Krishna

Age: 44
Educational Qualifications: B.A.
Experience: 17 Years
Designation: Organizer

K.Vara lakshmi

Age: 36
Educational Qualifications: Intermediate
Experience: 8 Years
Designation: Organizer

S.Suresh Kumar

Age: 290
Educational Qualifications: B.Com.,B.Ed.
Experience: 12 Years
Designation: Accountant


Age: 36
Educational Qualifications: 10th Class
Experience: 6 Years
Designation: Organizer


Age: 40
Educational Qualifications: B.A.,B.L.
Experience: 6 Years
Designation: Legal assistant

J. Suhasini

Age: 25
Educational Qualifications: Intermediate
Experience: 4 Years
Designation: Organiser


Age: 30
Educational Qualifications: B.A.
Experience: 12 Years
Designation: Organiser


Age: 55
Educational Qualifications: Inter
Experience: 10 Years
Designation: Organiser

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