In Alamuru Mandal and nearby Mandals the incidence of SC, BC and agricultural labor population is more. As they are below poverty line the literacy rate is comparatively very low. Because of their illiteracy the land lords and employers always use to exploit them in all matters. Often their human rights were used to violate. Because of all these reasons wide spread poverty pushed them out of regular social stigma. Thus they were caught in vicious circle. It seemed their future in dark shades.

Because of the above grim situation in this area the incident of child labour, violence against women, falling spray to HIV/AIDS, regular disputes between haves and have not, incidents of child marriages and child abuse, malnutrition among children and pregnant women, low wages to labour and atrocities against dalit communities were very common in this area.

The situation drove us establish a constituent organization to address all the above issues to make the people lead better life in the society. We the likeminded people gathered and determined to bring change in the strata of social structure. So we established such organization in the name of Samatha Vidya Vyavasaya Abhirudhi Sankshema Sangham giving top priority to address issues of the agricultural labour giving prime role to social economic political and cultural change in their lives. The initial stages we decided to allot a part of our income to run the organization with the help of local donors also.


Name and Designation of Office Bearers of the Society for the year 2014-15:

Sl.No Name Designation Age Educational Qualification Occupation Address
1 J.Yesu Raju President 50 B.Sc., B.Ed Teacher Modukuru
2 M.Raja Gopal Vice President 45 B.A., B.Ed Teacher Alamuru
3 G.Yesu Dasu Executive Secretary 51 Inter Social work Alamuru
4 K.Jyothi Joint Secretary 28 M.A. Social work Kakinada
5 V.Papa Treasurer 44 S.S.C Fashion technology Mandapeta
6 K.Padmalatha Executive Member 27 M.A Social work Kakinada
7 P.R.P.Kumari Executive Member 37 B.Sc.B.Ed. Social work Kakinada